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Skoll | Unpacking EYElliance’s Role as a Systems Orchestrator

Exploring EYElliance's role as a systems orchestrator in addressing global vision impairment through collaborative strategies with various stakeholders.

The article Unpacking EYElliance’s Role as a Systems Orchestrator, forms part of a five-part article series where Skoll shines a light on systems orchestration and explores how EYElliance works to solve a billion person problem.


The article explores the role of EYElliance as a systems orchestrator in addressing the global issue of vision impairment, affecting nearly 1 billion people. EYElliance operates as a neutral broker, bringing together public and private sectors, NGOs, and global development implementers to collaborate on eradicating the problem.

"EYElliance was founded to accelerate the uptake by governments and the private sector of the most powerful proven solutions, developed by NGOs, social enterprises, and inclusive business models. I call it a bottom-up driven, top-down strategy." - Jordan Kassalow, co-Founder of EYElliance

The organization identifies and integrates proven working models into broader systems, addressing systemic barriers to access and adoption.

"EYElliance de-risks the adoption of scaling pathways that, when driven by government or entrepreneurs, will translate into national scale and 100s of millions of first-time glasses wearers." - Elizabeth Smith, co-Founder of EYElliance

The article discusses EYElliance's approach of combining bottom-up and top-down strategies to accelerate the adoption of solutions developed by various entities. The series will delve into three key impact models that showcase EYElliance's effectiveness in Liberia, Latin America, and influencing U.S. government policy.

Source: By Zach Slobig - The Bridgespan Group. Published 6 January 2021.