A Pair Of Eyeglasses
Can Change A Life

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Poor Vision:
A Global Health Crisis

The World Health Organization estimates that nearly one billion people are visually impaired because they do not have access to eyeglasses. Eyeglasses improve learning outcomes in school children, yield productivity and economic gains in adults, promote literacy, and reduce traffic and workplace accidents.

Closing The Visual Divide

Invented 700 years ago, glasses offer an affordable and often life-changing solution.
Yet, just as unequal distribution of more modern technologies has created a digital divide, inequitable access to glasses has created a visual divide. At EYElliance, we’re building a movement to ensure equitable access to eyeglasses worldwide.

Today a world with equitable access to eyeglasses is within reach, thanks to:

Low Cost Diagnostics
New Technologies
Product Innovations
Proven Models

A Multi Sector Approach To Improve Access

Now is the time to bring new actors—from all sectors—into the solution. By orchestrating powerful collaborations and engaging in market shaping, we can transform systems and ensure that everyone has access to the eyeglasses they need to see clearly, no matter where they live.

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