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Skoll | How EYElliance is Accelerating the Inclusive Optical Sector in Latin America

Leveraging a playbook to attract development finance and transform the retail optical sector into an impact industry.

The article How EYElliance is Accelerating the Inclusive Optical Sector in Latin America, forms part of a five-part article series where Skoll shines a light on systems orchestration and explores how EYElliance works to solve a billion person problem.


The article discusses how EYElliance is addressing the global issue of blindness and vision impairment by adopting a system orchestration approach. Instead of focusing on scaling a single solution, EYElliance aims to accelerate positive change in the optical sector by connecting people, providing resources, and mobilizing collective efforts.

"One of EYElliance’s founding premises is that inclusive optical can become a new impact industry. We started to see profitable inclusive optical businesses meeting the needs of low- and middle-income consumers popping up in a couple of countries and we asked ourselves how could EYElliance fan the flames of what was already working." – Elizabeth Smith, co-Founder of EYElliance

The article highlights their proactive model in Latin America, where they are working to attract innovative development investment to support inclusive optical businesses. EYElliance collaborated with entrepreneurs, including the founders of Ver De Verdad, a successful optical chain in Mexico, to create a playbook that supports the growth of inclusive optical ventures in the region. The organization is exploring partnerships with development finance institutions to attract significant investment and transform the optical sector into a new impact industry.

"The businesses opportunity of inclusive optical is increasingly being recognized. This has been made evident by new businesses entering the market on their own, and EYElliance aims to accelerate the inevitable. This is our first step in our journey to see how we can be most useful in bringing in investment to support private sector eye health solutions globally." – Jordan Kassalow, EYElliance co-Founder

Source: By Zach Slobig - The Bridgespan Group. Published 07 September 2021.