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Skoll | EYElliance Brings Systems Change into Focus in Liberia's Schools

Collaborative efforts to transform vision care in Liberia, integrating school eye health into policy and practice, via a sustainable, government-led approach.

The article EYElliance Brings Systems Change into Focus in Liberia's Schools, forms part of a five-part article series where Skoll shines a light on systems orchestration and explores how EYElliance works to solve a billion person problem.


The article discusses the transformative impact of EYElliance in Liberia. EYElliance believes in providing every school-aged child with the right to sight and equal opportunity to succeed in school. The organization, through a consortium, worked with the Liberian Ministries of Health and Education to integrate school eye health into policy and practice.

"Without EYElliance, and the coordinated effort of the Consortium, we would not have been able to realize our vision for integrated school health in such a short period of time," - Elizabeth Hope, Acting Director School Health

This collaborative effort, supported by government-led initiatives and partnerships with International Non-Governmental Organizations (INGOs), has resulted in a significant improvement in vision care in Liberia, including vision screenings in schools, delivery of glasses, and plans to extend vision services to adults.

"The vision of the Ministry of Health is to ensure scaled and equitable deployment of eye health services in Liberia including eyeglasses." - Dr. Joseph Kerkula MD, Manager of the Liberian National Eye Health Program.

Source: By Zach Slobig - The Bridgespan Group. Published 23 February 2021.