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Skoll | Closing the Vision Gap With Liberia's Community Health Assistant Workforce

Partnering with the Liberian Ministry of Health, utilizing government-employed workers to address vision loss and enhance productivity in low-resource settings.

The article Closing the Vision Gap With Liberia's Community Health Assistant Workforce, forms part of a five-part article series where Skoll shines a light on systems orchestration and explores how EYElliance works to solve a billion person problem.


The article discusses the work of EYElliance in closing the vision gap in Liberia through the integration of eye health services into the national Community Health Assistant program. By training community health workers to perform vision screenings and dispense reading glasses, EYElliance aims to address near vision loss in low-resource settings.

"From the outset at EYElliance, one of our strategies has been to leverage this workforce—millions of government-employed community health workers around the world—and mobilize that workforce to play a role in solving this problem." - Jordan Kassalow, Co-Founder of EYElliance

The collaboration with the Liberian Ministry of Health has led to the inclusion of eye health in the national education system and the expansion of services to urban and semi-urban communities.

"The best way to increase access to health care is to take the services to the people." - Olasford Wiah, Director of Liberia’s National Community Health Program

The article highlights the impact on productivity and livelihoods, emphasizing the systemic changes made in the national medical supply chain to ensure the distribution of reading glasses.

Source: By Zach Slobig - The Bridgespan Group. Published 28 July 2022.